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Mar 18, 2023·edited Mar 18, 2023

Anybody that thinks Australia is immune from a South African style political and cultural implosion is kidding themselves. The parallels, quite frankly, are frightening. We are already advancing down that path at an alarming rate, and marching at the head of the pack is Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese who, along with his woke neo-Marxist acolytes, is wilfully facilitating our nations demise. But it's 'only modest' of course — that's exactly what the Prime Minister is telling anyone who will listen, and the media are lapping it up.

To label these history making policy changes as 'modest' — including a change to the constitution that effectively redefines our bicameral political system in the most surreptitious way possible — is an insult to the Australian people.

Albanese is obsessed with polluting Australia with a permanent residue from his progressive style of politics, as if he is on some kind of Messianic quest. A career politician with delusions of grandeur, who believes he is creating a legacy that will place him among the luminaries of Australian politics.

In reality, his only achievements have been to dramatically accelerate the culture wars to a point where we are on the verge of tearing our nation apart, while concurrently allowing our economy to crumble around us. Probity be damned. Virtue signaling takes precedence over all other, and the people of Australia are going along for the ride.

As Mark Twain said: 'It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.'

And oh, how we have been fooled.

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