About Me

I’m a writer from Sydney, Australia with a lifelong interest in history, current affairs and philosophy. Many will know me for my passion for football and commentary on the game and I will continue to do a lot of that.

My motivation has always been to speak truth to power and confront the foes of freedom and civilisation. My father fled Communist-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1969 to move to Australia, and he saw a good deal of the world in the intervening years. I derive from that my determination and worldview.

Especially with regards to the histories and present realities of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and many other regions, I feel it imperative to counter decades of Leftist, anti-Western indoctrination that has taken place. Educating people about historical truths, especially about the atrocities of Communism, is one of my lifelong passions. I am a staunch defender of Western Civilisation of freedom, our constitutional monarchy and our way of life.

I hope you enjoy my writing because I do this for everyone I know and care about.

Thank you.

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A writer with a deep sense of history and steadfast seeker and defender of truth.